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Tried everything and still have acne?  We can clear your skin in 3-4 months.

Face Reality is an acne program designed with extensive protocols and specialty products to clear even the most stubborn acne-prone skin. Training is essential to be certified by Face Reality, and with that certification, we have been able to provide effective acne care for the last five years.

The combination of clinical-grade products combined with in-office treatments keeps new acne from forming while clearing existing congestion from the skin. One size fits all doesn’t work for clearing acne because there are different types of acne and many triggers.

You will learn so much! We will walk with you, monitor your progress, and adjust products as you clear. Extra communication and care is taken with teenagers, so they have a good experience and feel like they’re in control of the treatment. Treatments are kept affordable and are not overly harsh.

The end result isn’t just clearer skin; the skin looks amazing.

Clearing Treatment

We specialize in clearing Acne and Rosacea with a combination of in-office treatments and managed home care. Treatments are gentle but effective and home care is reasonably priced.

Basic Treatment (45min) $125
Intensive Treatment (60min) $150

 Our Products

The Face Reality products available for purchase are specifically formulated for acneic skin and are guaranteed not to clog your pores.

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Premium formulations     Clear skin in 3-4 months              Success rate
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